Wednesday, December 27, 2006


It seems these days that my life is a collection of crappy keyboards. From my home laptop where most of the left side stopped working after apple juice was spilled on it, to this irritating divided-down-the-middle number at my sister's house, it never ends.
Thats where I am right now. Washington. My sister's house. Eating her food, leaving my shoes on the floor, annoying her by getting her kids all wound up and then just leaving her house entirely. I love it here.
Its green and foggy and snowy all the damn time. Its wonderful. My brother-in-law and I talk about knives and guns all freakin' day, and my dad is just around the corner, where cable and Diet Coke are easily mooched. The only problem is the lack of booze, which would make everything way more fun.
I stomp around in the snow a lot. I grew up in southern california. Every new snow-thing is an entirely new experience. I had no idea slush existed. The ground can freeze? Holy shit, ice is slippery as hell! There hasn't been enough snw yet for snow balls, but I know as soon as there is I'm going to ambush my 2 1/2 year old nephew with one, because if i can't be drunk-uncle, I'm going to be shit-head uncle.
I hope to head over to ny sister Lisa's soon. She and Warren are a lot of fun, and her kids are older, so the likeliness of video games increases.
Also, I got a tattoo. Pictures will be posted on my blog and on my Myspace.
Yeah, I'm on Myspace. What of it?

I know this isn't in my usual vein of angry rants, shitty fiction, and hatred, but I'm in a pretty great mood, and not hating everything as much. Don't worry, tough, when I get home (mid-january) I'll get angry again. I'll get angry again just for you, dedicated Six-Fingered Sword reader.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Las Vegas

Hopefully this will work better than the last story I tried to tell with pictures.
The other day I asked Michael if he wanted to go to Henderson, Nevada.

He said "No!"

"But my Grandma is there! Wannna go see my grandma?" I asked.

"You're grandmas gonna be there? Lemme get my coat!"

So Michael grabbed his coat, and began to plan our journey.

I said, "I'll make some sandwiches!"

The drive up was pretty intense. We kept getting lost. Michael says it was because I wasn't listening, I say its because Michael's directions were dumb. Also I kept falling asleep at the wheel.

That was bad.

Then we saw my grandma. That was a lot of fun. Really. Except my uncle was there, and I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm gay. Which I'm not. I love boobs.

More later. Posting pictures with this thing is a pain in the ass.