Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cup it, it's the fuzz!

Holy crow, Six Fingered readers! It is time for a real life adventure in the life of Tyler!

Here is what happened. I got offa work (Pizza House) and rolled my lazy ass home, where I discovered I was outta food.
"Hey, Kellie," I said, Kellie being my live-in lady, "We're outta food."
"Yeah," She said, "Lets go down to the 24-hour Food-4-Less."
So we did, and we got some groceries. Now, the idea of a 24-hour super-giant grocery store is really frickin' wierd to me, but thats a whole 'nother article all together.
So we're driving home, and I notice that the gate to the high school track and football field is open. I sit for a moment, and look over at Kellie. Then I punch it and start driving around the fiel like a crazy man.
But what is that I hear? A helicopter? I can see it flying above me, and I think "What was it Stoner Ryan said? Cop copters have some identifying charictaristic, but I can't remember it, and its dark anyway. I decide its better to just go home.
But the copter follows e.
"Its just your imagination," Said Kellie."
"Nuh-uh, their following me!"
At this point, several friends of mine point out that this is a lot like Goodfellas, a movie that I have never seen.
Anyways, since I was new at the evading-the-cops thing, I ended p driving right by the police station, which was really, really stupid. As I did. the copter shined its spotlight on me, and I remembered that Stoner Ryan had said that a spot light is how you could usually tell a cop copter from a private one.
Then, like three cops cars were THERE all suddenly. I was all shaky. They patted me down. They patted Kellie down. It was a miserable experience. They made fun of my courderoy. Then I went home.