Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hey, you sons of a motherless goat!!

My A W E S O M E band has decided to grace you pitiful fools with more total greatness. Unfortunatly, this stuff was made when I moved, so I had no part in it, which is lame, because some of it is really really good and funny. Just click the link, if I get it to work. If not, cut and paste that shit, homies! Keep in mind most of this stuff is NSFW (Do you crazy englishmen have work in england?), so only listen if you don't really like your job (Anyone who gets fired for listening can come live with the band for free, forever). I reccomend "I Hope I Die", "God N'Things[sic]", "Flingin' Kittens" and "Crazy Drinkin' Song (Beirut?)"

Did I spell bay-ROOT right? Whatever.

Squelch Gun Forever!


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