Thursday, May 10, 2007

Short Rant and Neighbors

Okay. First, I saw the new Spiderman. Why? Because Spiderman has always been, and always will be, my favorite super hero.

However, it was a dissapointment. Venom's voice was poorly synced with his lip movements, although Topher did a better job than expected portraying him. And why is it that, under the influence of the black suit Spiderman becomes a cocky emo kid? WTF, Raimi? And that dance scene in the jazz club? LAME. And (spoilers) Hobgoblin and Spiderman team up? There's a word I'm looking for... Cliche. I know the E needs one of those little liney things above it. Fuck that, its too much effort.

Second, the girl in the row in front of me was crying. At a Spiderman movie. It's Spiderman, you damn woman, not Steel Magnolias! Gah!

Unrelated, I saw my nieghbors for the third time. They were both outside, the husband, as usual, wqas shirtless. The wife was smoking a cigarette. Things were awkward because we've never introduced ourselves, and by this point, its too late. So yeah. I'm starting to hate my nieghbors.


I noticed before he said anything but Michael pointed out that the last few posts made me sound like a 38 year old woman. Not that 38 is old, its just that... Fuck. I'm not explaining. I sound like a goddamn 38 year old woman.
What do I say to that?
Fuck yo, Michael! Fuck you with a fireplace poker!


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