Wednesday, April 04, 2007


So, I walk out onto my brand-spankin' new back porch yesterday, smoking that end of a three-day-old cigar, and I'm feeling pretty dang good.

I meander around, lookin' at things, smilin', and thinkin' about the things that people think about when they are in their first place.

Then, danger!

A deep growl, kinda like someone saying "Hey, you wanna die?"

I turn and look in all directions, and quickly hold the cigar so that the butt is between my middle and ring finger, cherry out, making what The Sean calls a "Cherry Bomb."

There it is. About two feet tall at the shoulders. Obviously a mutt, with at least a little pit bull in it. It is growling at me from the deck of the upper duplex. Apparentlythe otherpeople in my duplex have a dog.

"Nice doggy." I say. The growling grows louder.

"Hokay, little poochy, I'm gonna go inside now."

I slowly walk into my house and lock the door.

Well. I had a backyard.


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