Sunday, March 25, 2007

Mustaches and Moving

I should be packing my things into boxes and bags right now, but instead I'm here, talking to you, my loyal readers. All two of you. Michael, stand up and give the folks a wave. I wonder if that chris fella still reads my blogs.

Moving on. If therre is a pun there, its accidental.

I'm moving to Spokane, Washinton, where I will have little-no internet access. Be prepared for even fewer updates, my fine feathered friends.

Everyone is asking me how I feel about moving. Am I nervous? Am I excited? Scared? Happy?
A little bit of everything. Mostly excitement. The three weeks I spent in Washington were the happiest I've had in a long time. A little bit of sadness. I know I'm gonna miss Mike and Sean and Trisha and Paul... but thats about it. Fuck the rest of you people.

And as for my mustache, its a tangled mess of peach fuzz and woe.


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