Friday, March 02, 2007

The Worst Night of my Life

It is evening time. I'm hanging out with Mike, The Sean, and Ryan. Ryan has weed. We all got booze. Tonight is gonna be good. Really good.

Ryan bailed. He had to plow his girlfriend. He took his weed. That was lame, however, we still had booze, and Mike knew of two parties we could attend. We opt for the second, a "desert" party, over a birthday party for a friend of ours.

I decide to drive, since my buddies have already started drinking. Before we leave, Michelle says that we should be careful, because cops are always out and about, and I express doubts about the desert party, saying that tonight feels like "the night."

We set out, with two bottles of wine and a bottle of whiskey in tow, into the desert. I figure that this will be an hour's drive, at most, to get to this place. I think it will be someone's house. I have brought a Space Ghost costume, in case the party isn't crazy enough and I need to add some craziness.

During the drive, we come upon a bit of traffic, and wonder why there is traffic in the middle of a Thursday night. We see a car on its side, with people climbing out of it. We missed the accident by minutes. Sean expresses feelings that this could be the reaon for our early apprehension. Reassured that this is the last of the bad things that will happen tonight, we travel on, singing.

Two hours later, we are in a Quik-e-Mart type place, asking for directions. I'msure we've passed this place, because, c'mon, it can't be THAT far into the desert. However, the fella behind the counter says that it is a stretch further down the road, and displays some knowledge of the party. When we go outside, we find that Mike, who is pretty intoxicated by this point, has peed on an electrical outlet. It is smoking and sputtering. We jump into truck and speed into the desert.

We finally arrive. The place is not a house, but intead a bar. Mike and I are pissed about this, as we are not 21. The Sean, however, walks inside and buys a beer. Mike and I stay outside, drinking our wine and complaining about the shitness of the bar. We meet a beared mescaline dealer with his friend's dog. We are drunk enough to want to touch his beard. He lets us. He leaves. Me and Mike steal a bit of Sean's whiskey.

This is where things het a bit hazy.

We are all three inside now, after learning that the bar doesn't card. We meet Mike's friend that invited us to the party. I yell at him for telling us about the shitty bar.

I'm with The Sean, he is drinking beer. I steal from some him and feel like I want to puke. I remember I hate beer. Mike and I both get ourselves some whiskey shots, and don't realize until several days later that we were severely overcharged. A girl with glasses starts hitting on Michael, Michael responds postively. It is a total case of beer goggles. She invites us to play pool, and we do. I leave before the game is over, and go to find The Sean.

The Sean is peeing on someone's SUV. I yell at him to stop, and he takes the bottle in his hand, breaks it on a rock, and attacks me with it. I throw him into the dirt and run away tofind Michael. Michael is still talking to glasses girl. We head head outside, and meet a blonde guy that I want to beat up. I can't really remember what he was saying, but I was pissed.

We see The Sean talking to a fat girl with a dog. When I glance back, he is making out with her pretty intensely. I laugh. I walk over to truck again, and steal more if Sean's whiskey. Michael is with me. We complain about how Sean almot killed me and is the only one of the three of us to get some action. We drink more whiskey. In anger, I kick my truck, and realize that I have probably broken my foot. I hobble away from Michael, and to a girl nearby.

She is talking to a guy. I don't remember how this conversation at all. All I remember is me grabbing his shirt and hitting him in the neck. He throw his glass down and gets beer in my shoe. It stays soggy the rest of the night. Michael breaks up the fight, and we get Sean, who is in the back smoking.

We leave the bar. It is approx. 2 am. Mike is yelling at The Sean, about how I could have been killed and how Sean is a shitty friend for abandoning me. Sean apolgizes profusely, Mike continues yelling. Sean tells us to hit him, so I do. So does Mike. Soon everything is quiet in truck, and everything is okay, until I start passing out. We get some Del Taco, I sober up a little bit. We make it home without dying.

This happened over a month ago. Sean's neck still hurts. I'm still angry about that night. I'm never going into the desert again.


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