Monday, February 12, 2007

Tyler and Boobs

M: You assume that because I associate with Tyler that I've never felt breasts!
T: oh, fuck you!
T: i've felt...
T: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12...
T: 13 breasts
T: wait, 14
T: from 9 different girls
T: so there.
M: Only because of your boob retaliation rule*
T: oh, shit,
T: i forgot that rule
M: none of them actually wanted you to touch them
T: well, 2-12 were all willing
T: 13 was accidental
M: ha ha
T: and 14 was a drunken grope
T: but with boob groping rule taken into consideration... i might be somewhere around 20, 25
T: because that rule has allowed me to cop a lot of feels
M: I'd put money that some of the boobs in 2-12 were because of alcohol, and solely alcohol
M: which makes it a good rule
T: 2-10 were all pre-alky-hall
M: Tyler
T: ?
M: you need to stop arguing like I'm being serious
T: im not being serious either
T: im laughing a lot right now
M: I don't actually care about the number of boobs you've tainted with your touch
T: ha ha ha ha
T: i do taint them, don't i?
T: poor ladies
M: yeah
M: hey, their fault

The boob retaliation rule:I'm fat enough to have man tits. My rule is, if its okay for women to laugh and playfully grope me,then i should be able to laugh and playfully grope them. If they don't wanna get groped, then they don't grope me. usually, it saves me from getting groped a lot.


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