Thursday, December 07, 2006

Las Vegas

Hopefully this will work better than the last story I tried to tell with pictures.
The other day I asked Michael if he wanted to go to Henderson, Nevada.

He said "No!"

"But my Grandma is there! Wannna go see my grandma?" I asked.

"You're grandmas gonna be there? Lemme get my coat!"

So Michael grabbed his coat, and began to plan our journey.

I said, "I'll make some sandwiches!"

The drive up was pretty intense. We kept getting lost. Michael says it was because I wasn't listening, I say its because Michael's directions were dumb. Also I kept falling asleep at the wheel.

That was bad.

Then we saw my grandma. That was a lot of fun. Really. Except my uncle was there, and I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm gay. Which I'm not. I love boobs.

More later. Posting pictures with this thing is a pain in the ass.


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