Thursday, August 24, 2006

Old Part Two

So yeah.

Me and Michael decided that the onyl thing to do, the only AMERICAN thing to do, would be to picket the Denny's. We wouldn't take this sitting down! Oh no! We were going to fight for our right to eat the leftover from other people's tables!

So i went and took some boxes from work (I worked at a McDonald's back then. Looking back, I realize I should have picketed that hell hole rather than Denny's), and me, Mike, and Carmy spent the afternoon making signs. I wish I could remember all of them. Here are some gems.

Carmy's signs:

Is it so crude
To eat another's food?

So many starving in China
All we wanted
Was food from the Dinah**

Mike's Sign:

If you can read this you are WAY to close to Denny's

My Sign:

We're Hungry! Ask us why!

Armed with these and Mike's digital camera, we hauled ass to the Denny's where Michael and I stomped around shouted "Hey, ho, we won't go!" and wavig our signs around. I think at one point one us us starting singing "All we are asking, is give peace a chance!" Carmy took photos (which turned out really great, so great, that I still have one on my myspace,

Eventually, though, we realized people were not going to be sympathetic to hungery teens taking leftovers from people's tables, so Mike started telling people that we had asked if they would let us take leftover food and give it to homeless people, and been refused. However, even with such a beautiful, bleeding heart story, we were usually ignored.

Then some lady came out, smoking a cigarette, and started making a phone call. She asked what we were doing, and Mike told her the created story. Carmy took a picture of me kissing her on the cheek.

Then Carmy noticed that the manager was making a phone call, and I screamed "Its the cops!" So we all jumped in Mike's car, and sped off.

Good times.

*Carmy is a Genius


Blogger Mean Mr. Michael said...

Yeah, fuck denny's. Wait. Do we like them again? I can't keep track.

Yeah I made one. What's it to ya.

August 29, 2006  

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