Saturday, July 08, 2006

The greatest dream ever.

I was walking through downtown new york
then i decided to go into this seedy bar
when i go in, im suddenly in the backroom
and there is a beared man in a chair
i say "hey, im tyler"
he says "hey, im chuck."
and i said
"chuck NORRIS?!"
he says "yeah."
"WHat are you doing here, chuck?"
"well, you know how im the greatest fighter in the world?"
"they're gonna make me fight some bears."
"lame, dude!"
"I'm gonna bust you out!"

so then, i pull out this screw driver, and bust out a window, and i leap through it. Chuck is still inside, all like "hey, man, i Can't make it!" and I'm all like "if i can make it, you can!"
then he jumps through, and i'm like "just a sec, man, wait here."
and i go to the door that leads outside, and this guy, that looks like ed from coffee depot, is like "you can't leave. where is chuck?"
and im like "dude, im just heading home. i feel sick. chuck is still in the back, waiting to fight."
"you can't leave."
"man, i will totally stab you with this screw driver."
"ha ha. that won't be nessecary."
then he opens the door, and as i walk by, i stab 'im anyway!
and then i yell "c'mon, chuck!"
and me and chuck run and someone end up at the park by my house
and then he says
"thank, man."
then i woke up and had to pee.

I apologize for the typos, mispellings, and shortcuts. I just spent like, 5 minutes typing it in AIM, and I ain't retyping that shit.


Blogger Marshel said...

Totally awesome.

July 28, 2006  

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