Friday, July 07, 2006


Rant time. Hide the children. This is going to be angrier than a Maddox and less coherent than a Hoffman.
You know what its time to destroy? People. Most people should be destroyed. But you know who REALLY deserves it? Christians. Once again, idiotic, toothless, immoral christians are trying to get America to do things the way that THEY want.
Not the way their "Savior" wants.
The way THEY want.
And what is it this time? Our freedom of choice. The ability to choose the way we want to live. Isn't that WHY america is here? So we can live the way we want? But no, these morons somehow decided that this was a the-mother-fuckin'-ocracy!
That right, mofos, its gay marriage rant time. Also abortion. Also, I hate organized religion.
Who do these self-righteous pricks think they are? Why does the "sanctity" of marriage need protecting? If they wanna protect it, why not outlaw divorce? Why not attack Las Vegas and thier drive-though (no joke) chapels? But no, they decide to make their target homosexuals. Why? Because the bible says its wrong.
Right. Sorry. I forgot. We, as a nation, have based everything we believe to be true by what one religion's Book o' God says. I totally forgot that we allow only one religion to practice here. I totally spaced on that. My bad.
Where is my tounge again? Oh, right, in my cheek.
They talk about how "unnatural" love between two men or two women is. They talk about how wrong it is. Its sinful nature.
Oh. But wait, didn't Jesus say "let he who is without sin cast the first stone."?
Sorry. I spaced out again. I forgot that we only listen to Jesus SOMETIMES. I mean, he is only the basis for our entire faith, right?
And what about abortion? These bastards are trying to get a ban on that, too! Yeah! Stupid Bush padding the supreme court with his right-wing justices (I know I'm a little late with this complaint, and as far as the TV tells me, this litle attempted injustice is behind us now, but thinking aobut it still pisses me off). Why? Didn't Roe vs Wade establish the right for the states to choose individually their stance on abortion?
And don't republicans oppose big government?
Oh, right, I remember now. They only like it when they can use it as a means to an end.
And don't show me those photos of mutilated babies. Don't gimme this jargon about taking a human life. Babies don't have brain function until the 25-28th weeks. Clinically, an adult without higher brain function is considered, legally, dead. So why not a fetus? Why not? Because killing people is wrong? Also, getting an abortion AFTER this time is legal in 34 states. Wait, thats an overwhelming majority. Maybe because (hopefully), the overwhelming majority of people are sane, intelligent, and well-informed. Yeah, and I'm a chinese jet pilot.
Wait a second. Killing people is totally cool. I forgot that one, too. They just have to have killed someone else. Because you know, and eye for an eye and all that jazz. Its not like we'll all end up blind or anything.
It is sometimes difficult for me to comprehend these people. Why do they believe these things? Because they are raised that way? Because they feel that restricting our rights so that we all have to live by thier personal moral codes is the good thing to do? Or maybe forcing others to thier will gives them all hard-ons. Cripes.


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