Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I have ranted about Peta. I ranted about children.
Next up: Organized Religion

I want everyone to understand before I start this rant. I do not hate Jesus. Jesus, as far as I can tell, was a decent guy. My problem is with his hundreds of thousands of fan clubs all over this great green earth of ours.
Organized religion is not a terrible idea. If done properly, it could work out really well. The idea of a group or club of people with similiar interests or ideas as you is a good thing. The main problems I have with organized religion are these: the idea of conversion, creation, and the way they manage their money.
Conversion bothers the shit out of me. Why? Because I feel like trying to make people think the way you do is insane. Everyone has thier own ideas, ideals, opinions. Do you think they will change just because you decided to knock on their door at 6:00 in the morning with a pamphlet and speech? Don't you think that by adulthood people would have made up thier mind about their religion or lack of? Also, if someone was genuinely interested in the bullshit you spewed, don't you think they would find a local church and figure things out for themselves?
You're right. They wouldn't. People are lazy. Does that make it your place to run out and force what you beleive on them?
No. Not at all.
Creationism is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. It's so stupid, that typing this paragraph is giving me a headache. If you really want to know why this bothers me so much, send me an email at tyler_w4@yahoo.com, and I'll reply when I dam well feel like it.
Now, when it comes to money, churches really get my goat. What the hell does a church have to spend money on? You want to worship someplace? Do it in a park. Bright, sunny, ect. Reserve a local meeting room in a hotel / YMCA. And what do you do with the money you save on these six figure buildings that you aren't making anymore? Feed the hungry, house the houseless, donate to the hundreds of charities that would put it to good work. Don't tell me that your little band of Jesus Groupies helped out int he soup kitchen last week, please. Instead tell me that you all saved and built a brand new soup kitchen, or a battered woman's shelter, or help repair some run-down parts of the city.
There is more to my general disaste for organized religion, but I try to keep these entries short, which is why this one ends so abruptly.


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