Saturday, May 13, 2006

Rant Time

I've had this blog for less than an hour and already I'm pissed off. Egads. You know what I hate?

Three in particular set me off like a kick ass guard dog with metal teeth.
Perfume commercials.
Car commercials.
And those goddamn Sit + Sleep ones. You know. "You're killing me, Larry!"

Perfume commercials are stupid. Really stupid, and all the same. Its shot in black and white, because perfume isn't effective in color, there is some crazy beach, a man model and a lady model. They're probably kissing or something. Then it's like "Depression, By Perfume Guy."
End commercial.
When you advertise, you gotta say how great it is. Maybe use some humor. This psuedo-art bull you guys are forcing on me while I enjoy Conan makes me want to eat a village of orphans.
Car commercials piss me off because I don't like cars. I'm deciding whether or not to ween myself off of them.
And to those Sit & Sleep bastards: Shut up. Shut up. I swear to high heaven I want to cut thier tounges out and wear them around my neck indian style. Yeah, I said "indian style."

Egads, people. If we stop buying this shit the commercials will stop.


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