Friday, June 30, 2006

Coming Soon

Coming Soon
Things I'm Working on Right Now so be Patient
1. A short story that I will post here in somewhere between 3 and 10 installments. Also, probably on Uber.
2. A rant about how evil aliens are, and why we should enlst sasquatch's help to fight them
3. A rant about celebrities
4. A rant on money (maybe)
5. A LONG rant on religion, new and improved with added effort!
6. Maybe some book and movie reviews, if I feel like it
7. Maybe make a suggestion, and I'll try it out. Got a rant idea? Got something great that you want to see praised? Gimme the idea. If I like it, its happening. If not, then I will contract AIDS for the sole purpose of eventually raping your wife and daughters.


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