Thursday, August 17, 2006

For Sean

This is a conversation Sean and I had on AIM today, after some heavy editing, beacuse both Sean and I are prone to making horrible, horrible, typos. Enjoy.

Sean K.: That does roll of the tounge nicely. I am happy I said that.

Sean K.: I got quoted, and I never get quoted enough. Probably 'cause I save all my good sayings for when no ones around.

Tyler: No, not at all! I quote you all the time! I've started saying "plow" and "titties and clam" because of you! Also, "buddy!"

Sean K.: Clam. That's a good one

Tyler: Get on your way, Seany. Try and have a good trip.

Sean K.: If I die on this bus tell every one I hate them.
Sean K.: Except for you.
Sean K.: And mike.

Tyler: Okay.

Sean K.: And the few other kewl people we know.

Tyler: Yeah. I can do that.

Sean K.: Then it's your job to get a megaphone and tell every one you see that I hate them even more in death. Also tell them that I speak to you in your dreams and that there's nothing to look forward to in death. There's just nothing.

Tyler: I love you, Sean

Sean K.: Also, Apocalypse... Sometime in December
Sean K.: Most likely Jesus's birthday

Tyler: Yes! I get a head start! and I'm not a virgin anymore!

Sean K.: Yep.

Sean K.: Yeah and Jesus is commin back and he's gonna gonna have a party, a birthday party,and that each and every one of you fucks are gonna be the pinatas.
Sean K.: And Hitler's commin back with him

Sean K.: ...Just for the pie

Sean K.: People should get a heads up aboot the seconed comming of Jesus and Hitler, and the fact that they're gonna human fucking pinatas.

Tyler: Yeah. Gotta get ready.

Sean K.: Yep

Tyler: They gotta hide their jew buddies.

Sean K.: Start eatin' the cheap candy that comes in the orange and black wrappers.
Sean K.: So they won't eat your heart and you can keep your soul.*

Sean K.: Keep that one to yourself.
Tyler: I'm gonna save this somewhere, and share it with everyone.

*I have no idea what Sean is talking about here. This is what makes Sean the greatest person in the world, besides me.


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