Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cup it, it's the fuzz!

Holy crow, Six Fingered readers! It is time for a real life adventure in the life of Tyler!

Here is what happened. I got offa work (Pizza House) and rolled my lazy ass home, where I discovered I was outta food.
"Hey, Kellie," I said, Kellie being my live-in lady, "We're outta food."
"Yeah," She said, "Lets go down to the 24-hour Food-4-Less."
So we did, and we got some groceries. Now, the idea of a 24-hour super-giant grocery store is really frickin' wierd to me, but thats a whole 'nother article all together.
So we're driving home, and I notice that the gate to the high school track and football field is open. I sit for a moment, and look over at Kellie. Then I punch it and start driving around the fiel like a crazy man.
But what is that I hear? A helicopter? I can see it flying above me, and I think "What was it Stoner Ryan said? Cop copters have some identifying charictaristic, but I can't remember it, and its dark anyway. I decide its better to just go home.
But the copter follows e.
"Its just your imagination," Said Kellie."
"Nuh-uh, their following me!"
At this point, several friends of mine point out that this is a lot like Goodfellas, a movie that I have never seen.
Anyways, since I was new at the evading-the-cops thing, I ended p driving right by the police station, which was really, really stupid. As I did. the copter shined its spotlight on me, and I remembered that Stoner Ryan had said that a spot light is how you could usually tell a cop copter from a private one.
Then, like three cops cars were THERE all suddenly. I was all shaky. They patted me down. They patted Kellie down. It was a miserable experience. They made fun of my courderoy. Then I went home.


Blogger Keith Lowell Jensen said...

Great story.
Those bastards, making fun of your courderoy is going too damn far. If they'd been caught on camcorder making fun of your courderoy it might have resulted in international riots.

November 22, 2006  

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