Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Four days. Four days of driving. Three nights of uncomfortable sleeping and fast food breakfasts. Four days of strange people at strange gas stations along the west coast.

There were a few fun things along the way. We stopped at the Winchester Mystery House, where a crazy old lady built a big ass house to keep spirits away. I fell in love with our tour guide, which was kinda lame, since she’s now 700 miles away.

Then I got to se my favorite uncle and his new land. That was a lot of fun. And my Aunt Jenny cooked dinner, which is always awesome. She is an amazing cook.

And then, I was here. Washington. I have arrived. It’s cold, but everyone promises warmer weather is coming. As far as I’m concerned, it can take its sweet time. I love the cold.

I have no idea where anything is. People tell me where good places to eat and shop are, but I just nod, and say “yeah-huh” until they go away. I dunno how to get to 32nd street, man! What makes you think I can find my way to downtown?

I unpacked all of my worldly possessions in about two hours, sat down, and realized I had no TV. Shit. So, I went to my computer. No internet. FUCK. It seems in the real world you gotta buy that shit for yourself. It sucks, hard.

Gotta go out tomorrow and get a job so I can afford to live here. My mother bought me a buncha groceries, so I’m good there.

I hope I get to visit some family up here soon. Grandma Donna, Aunt Heywood, Sister Lisa. You know, the whole gang.

Holy crap! My bathroom just made some kinda crazy noise like there was a six-foot hornet trying to escape the toilet! What the fuck, man? What the fuck!

Pretty bored. Trying to keep from meandering around my empty house staring at things.
Anyone know of anything fun in Spokane?


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