Friday, June 01, 2007

Pirate Rebuttal

Did I spell rebuttal right? Whatever.

A pirate sent me this message after reading my recent post regarding how totally lame they are, and, in the spirit of fairness, I'm going to put it up, and let the masses decide who is more awesome, the quiet ninja assassin, or the drunken swashbuckling pirate.

Dear Tyler,

I appreciate your input to Pirates vs Ninja's. But I do have one thing to add. Ninja's are gay. You have never seen a ninja with a girl. Pirates have them all over and even take more. Ninja's live at the top of little mountains far away from civilization. That is due to them having the social skills of a cameleon. They rather not be seen by anbody, if they see somebody they try to blend in to their surroundings so as to not be seen. They are sort of like high school computer programming nerds. Every now and then they kill somebody but nobody knows why. Pirates kill people for their riches, gold, BMW's and occasionally for a choco-dile (chocolate covered twinky seen briefly in the 80's).

Pirates might not be as good in battle as Ninja's, but battle isn't everything. Pirates have a good time and know how to party. Ninja's just freeze in the cold, alone, at the top of some mountain nobody has heard of, sharpening their 2 toed boots or swiss army throwing stars, or whatever weapon they have thought of.

Ninja's live to battle, Pirates battle to live (then they party hard). Pirates do avoid ninja's, but that isn't due to their killing ability's......Dead ninja's have nothing to offer. No women to take, no gold, no satellite radio systems.

Take that ninja!!!!

(Name Withheld)