Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Adventure Time!

Sadly, I have to keep this short. I went for a ride along with my cop brother-in-law. Lets just hit the high points.

1. Talking with my brother-in-law about different Washington laws, and how to best avoid cops.

2. Crazy drunk guy lighting a 30-ft (ten meters for you fellas across the ocean) and the trying to put it out with a garden hose. Also, he had ten kids, seven of them boys, one with cerebral palsey (sp?) and two with fetal alcohol syndrome. Crazy, crazy.

3. My brother-in-law pulling over a drunk driver who happened to have a loaded .40. No one was shot, however, things were pretty tense for about ten minutes, which is a long time to be thinking, "This could result in me being shot."

Other things happened, but i have no time, no time!


Hey, British Chris, don't you guys call cops "bobbys"? I think i saw it in a movie once.


Blogger Chris said...

Yeah that was used years ago now. These days they're called "The Pigs" amongst other words that I won't use here ;)

June 25, 2007  

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