Friday, July 13, 2007

A man needs priorities

I decided I needed to chronicle all the things I love most in this world. After a few moments of thought, I jotted this down:

1. Breasts
2. Dinosaurs
3. Chain saws
4. Hover bikes
5. Strawberry Cake

Fuck yeah, strawberry cake, motha fuckas.

I can't remember the point of this post, so here is a true story.

Tyler rests comfortably on the crapper, reading. Michael's head appears in the window like a poorly edited cartoon.

Mike: Heeeey buddy. Whatchya readin'?

Tyler: Dude, seriously, what the fuck?

Mike: (giggles) (leaves window)

Tyler: (yelling) Stop doing that!

Living with your best friend blows.


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